How to get started when you live in a karting black hole

I think I’ve caught the karting bug but the problem is… I’m in a karting wasteland in Albuquerque New Mexico. There’s a decent indoor karting place in town, they run Sodi brand rental karts but as for dedicated outdoor sprint kart type tracks, it appears the only other place in town went out of business a couple years ago. However we do have the Sandia motor speedway which you can do track days at and they will allow karts on their road coarse so I could practice if I bought one.

Anyway, I’ve been lurking and absorbing the advice that one should purchase a kart brand that is supported in the area but if there isn’t really a place in town that does so… I’m not sure where to go from there. I could try to get a sodi and see if the indoor karting place might help me with maintenance? Anyone from the New Mexico Albuquerque area or semi-near (ie Colorado Texas or Arizona) have any thoughts on how to go about it? It looks like the closest place that sells/services karts to me is Colorado Springs area which is a 5 hour drive.

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Here’s a list of tracks nearest to you… although not necessarily near.

It looks like 66 Kartway (not to be confused with the Route 66 Series) is no longer in operation :frowning:

@Eric_Gunderson1 has a good pulse on what’s going on in CO and is a great resource.
Also, I’m not 100 sure if PBIR offers kart racing at this time.

GJMS (Grand Junction) is verymuch alive and well. Worth giving them a call to see what kind of used options they have.

Next “closest” is Musselman Honda Circuit. They look like they have good arrive an drive options at a glance.

They are all a good haul… but that makes me think you can’t be the only person in Alberqurq that want to go karting. So perhaps you could share hauling duties, tools, accommodation etc etc with someone else near you?

Hi Mongomery! I am excited to hear from someone in New Mexico! Sandia Motor Speedway is a hidden gem in the country in terms of motorsports…what that place could be with the right vision…

Regardless, as James mentioned I am quite active in the karting scene in Colorado. You are correct that the closest major karting facility to you that is currently active is likely in Colorado Springs. If you would like to find out more about resources in Colorado, consider checking out The Colorado We have a track director, classifieds, etc. Message me anytime if you have questions!

Thanks everyone for giving me some starting resources. It’s just so Ironic that a city with a major street called Unser and an Unser racing museum that we don’t have more racing available here in town.

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I do agree. I would comment though that it isn’t for lack of effort! Places like Sandia did attempt to get off the ground.

Just my $.02, not living in the area, I wonder if ABQ is a large enough metro area to support karting or motorsports. I say this as a resident of Denver metro, which seems to be pretty oblivious to most of the racing action going on around it.

SBR Motorsports Park is an outdoor facility east of Co Springs on Spencer Rd (No relation): 21430 Spencer Rd, Calhan, CO 80808. Maybe call & find out more.