How to improve BSR electric race karts?

Breaking Records! BSR - The Fastest Production Electric Kart in the World!

In 2018, our journey began with the slowest karts in the First World National Electric Kart Championship, armed with a budget of just 35,000 Euros for the entire season. It was an impossible mission, with odds of success less than 5%. But against all odds, we succeeded!

Since then, we’ve come a long way. The BSR team has attracted a whopping 1.2 million Euros in investments, prepared our factory, and managed to export our karts to 37 countries across the globe. We’ve weathered the storm of COVID-19, the electronics crisis, and various other challenges. BSR has emerged as the undisputed leader in the world of electric karting.

In September 2023, we embarked on an exhilarating journey to Sweden’s GotlandRing This was where the legendary Top Gear auto show was filming its latest series, featuring the most cutting-edge electric and biofuel cars. Formula E had brought its latest formula for rigorous testing, alongside numerous magazines and athletes keen on exploring the frontiers of technology.

During this event, we embraced a new challenge. After two days of intense track testing with talented athletes, on September 4, 2023, Blue Shock Race set an astonishing new industrial production electric kart speed record, clocking in at a mind-boggling 163 km/h (101 mph). This record was set using an industrially produced electric kart, the very same technology you find on racetracks around the world.

In doing so, BSR has earned the title of the fastest purchasable and race-ready electric kart on the planet, with official data and records to prove it.

Track: GotlandRing
Driver: Leo Obrant

Kart Specifications:
Chassis: CRY32-S14 (Homologation N° 007/CH/12)
Powertrain: BSR 2.2 25kW+ version
Battery: BSR B5500 (Capacity: 5,376 Wh)
Gear Ratio: 14/21
Tires: Vega XM3-CIK PRIME

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That’s pretty impressive for a kart track, well done.

I know Gary did a 109.84 MPH run at a 1/4 mile dragstrip with his rather heavy motor kart and was set to go faster before something failed on the latest run and threw him hard into the wall. It’s possible to go much faster than that (how many KW’s do you want to throw at it), but personal safety really becomes an issue with karts due to the lack of safety cages and restraints. Although I do have to admit that I’m still thinking about building a 200+ MPH kart for the Texas Mile. At least there’s nothing solid to hit on the runway.

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Congratulations! I always love seeing small companies succeed.

Where can someone drive a BSR kart?

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Yes, it is possible to squeeze out even higher speeds, especially when the kart is specifically prepared for drag races or top speed runs. In our case, we focus on standard racing karts, which primarily serve their function on the track. However, with this, we demonstrate that even in full race mode, it is by no means slow in the top speed category.

Reaching 200 mph with a kart is quite insane. I think without additional aerodynamics, it would just take off. I can’t even imagine how a driver would stay inside, and the wind resistance wouldn’t push them out.

Progress starts with small steps and then gradually transitions into big ones. We’re not so small anymore. In the electric karting segment, we are well-known now. Where can you try it out? It depends on the location where you’re looking for the opportunity to try it. Of course, you can always come to visit us.

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Artis, the BSR site is down…

Needs more SS battery.

It’s back up.