How to install LO206 valve vent / breather tube?

So I went to drain my carb, and noticed there is no carb overflow, and nothing coming out of the valve cover.

I’m assuming I need to fix this. So, my questions are:

  1. What size is the carb vent line? 3mm? 4mm? 1/8"?
  2. Do I need to buy the “valve cover breather adapter”? If so, how is that installed?
  3. Do I need to buy the “briggs breather tube” as well, or will any fuel line do?

Thanks for any guidance.

  1. Carb vent line can be any size. Just use a zip tie to cinch it on there good. I just use fuel line. If you want it good ant tight use safety wire instead of a small zip tie.
  2. Yes, that would be the easiest way. It will come in two pieces. Put the rubber grommet in the hole and then push the metal piece all the way in. It will be a pain to do by hand, but you will get it if you push hard enough. Put a little lube on it if you need. Big end in the engine. (My 12 year old brain laughed when I re-read that whole paragraph).
  3. Nothing special here. Stretch some fuel line over the fitting.

Only 1 watchout in all of this. Use two different catch cans for carb vs crankcase OR make sure your catch can is VERY WELL VENTED.

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Thanks, very helpful. Regarding the “very well vented” comment. I was planning on buying an overflow bottle, removing the cap, stick both tubes into the hole. Anything more fancy needed than that?

I don’t know if “vented” means something specific other than simply leaving some air gap so it’s not sealed.


That wont be enough venting (your definition of venting is correct). You could just drill a bunch holes in the top. The vent pulses quite a bit of air and you dont want that pressure blowing back up the carb overflow line and pressurizing the carb bowl.

Just do it right and buy 2 of these and mount them side by side. Then you wont have anything to worry about.

I run this. And I drilled the lid to be near max opening. Then I drilled about 10 holes in the top of the bottle

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Pro Tip:

If there’s a hole on the bottom, you never have to empty it. :grimacing::shushing_face:


I thought you were supposed to drink it after the race. Leave only footprints and all that.

(Please don’t drink fuel)


Happy to see this topic since I have a question that relates to this. How much fuel (if any) should there be in the catch can after an on-track session? We’ve just been practicing and at the end of maybe 30-40 minutes of running over several sessions there is about 3/4" of fuel in the carb catch bottle (kart is a 2021 Margay Ignite, there are identical small catch bottles for the valve cover and carb). Coming from Honda 120 and 160 Quarter Midgets where there is no catch can for the carb I’m not sure what’s normal and what’s not. Sadly I already started a fire in the firepit with the contents of the catch can so there are no pictures. The fire was nice tho.

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I’ve noticed almost none? Make sure you fully close the screw, it’s the one right above where it drains out?

I’ll try that. I’ll be working with the local Margay dealer (one of the reasons we went with Margay) to get the kart set up properly (if it ever warms up). I’ll double check with him too.