[How-to] Install Safety\Lock Wire From Conway Karts

Spotted this on FB today, great step by step on safety wiring.

Fast Facts: How to Lock Wire

1. Use Suitable Lock Wire

The only lock wire approved for use in aviation, aerospace, military and motor sports complies with the military specification MS20995C, commonly known as aviation grade. The most suitable lock wire for kartsport is 0.032 inches (0.81 mm) diameter non-magnetic stainless steel supplied in a blue container. This lock wire provides the benefit Of properly securing safety critical fittings.

2. The Tools

Lock wire can be fitted with ordinary pliers, a pig-nose tool, or wire twisting pliers. A pig-nose tool twists, but never over twists, the wire. Wire twisting pliers or a pig-nose tool are optional for kartsport. Ordinary pliers can be used for making tight loops, twisting and cutting the wire.

3. The Method

a. Drill a 1.5mm hole through the bolt head or pin.

b. Thread wire through the hole or around a fixed object and twist
clockwise (7-9 twists per 25mm).

C. Thread the wire through the next bolt head. Ensure tension on the wire
is in the direction that tightens the bolt.

d. Pull tight and then twist anti-clockwise for 25mm.

e. Trim and bend over the end to avoid leaving an exposed sharp spike.

f. DO NOT re-use lock wire. DO not use plain steel wire.

Safety Wire Lock Wire Conway Karts PDF.pdf (83.4 KB)

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This is kinda like the fast food commercials. The perfectly put together sandwich never looks like that in the real world.

My wire jobs always seem to have been well prepared by Helen Keller… :joy: