How to install weight on kart


(Ryan McGuigan) #1

My kid is gearing up for his first race next weekend. I am planning to buy some 5 lb dive weights to get him in regulation of needs. Does anyone have a link to a video or some pictures with the best way to install these on the kart?

(Dom Callan) #2

It’s pretty straightforwards. The weights are attached with bolts/washers that are flush typically to the lower portion of the seat back or sides. Sometimes you’ll see weight in front of the seat in floorpan.
I personally bought ribtect flush mounting hardware for mine.
Basically just drill a hole tthrough seat.

(James McMahon) #3

There are some general requirements for mounting. Your track may have additional, or different ones so be sure to check with them as well.

Here’s the general concenus:

  • Must be painted white.
  • 1x 8mm bolt per 8lb of ballast.
  • Sufficient washer thickness and area to prevent the weight pulling through the seat.
  • Must be double nutted and/or safety wired.

(James McMahon) #4

Oh and enjoy the race!! Report back and let us k ow how it went.

(Ryan McGuigan) #5

Thanks. Are you just drilling a hole through the center of the weight?

(Bryan Williams ) #6

If it doesn’t already then yes. I prefer using flat headed bolts, called elevator bolt and then double nut with reg nuts. It’s like a carriage bolt but flat and about a 1” in diameter. That’s why I use double nuts with an impact. My local bolt place doesn’t carry them in metric so I usually get 7/16 and however long I need.