How to remove cheek pads on bell rs7 k

Hi. I saw that there are replacement pads for the helmet. I want to have the helmet a bit tighter so i am interested to buy a bit thicker set. But first, how do i remove the pads? I tried it a bit but the wont come off and vebore i damage something maybe you have already done thise before.


They might take some force but they are just friction fit in there if I remember correctly. Pull from the rear end of the pad and pry it out from that way.

but does it mean than in the case i cannot put hem on again?

what about these pads? are they compatible with the RS7 K?

No, they slip right back in.

I’m not sure if those pads are compatible, but note that those are just the “ear muffs” part of the pad, not the entire pad itself. If you want to swap those, they are just velcro’d onto the main pad. Can you send a pic so I can see exactly which cheek pads you have? Every Bell model is a little different and I can’t remember exactly what the RS7K has for pads.

On the arai, it’s as TJ says. They fit oddly, where they kind of click in. The lip slides under the other parts edges, it’s not a very obvious method and takes some messing around but it will eventually find the spot where it snaps in. Terrible explanation, I know.

Hol up:

“Bell offers Cheek Pad Insert kits in various thicknesses that install in a pocket behind the helmet cheek padding to add thickness.”

Bell system for these involves a pocket as opposed to being held in place by tension.

Noodling around, looks like you can change everything’s color:

Got to order the color kit when you buy the helmet. It’s around 200

Here are they. I saw them on deamon tweeks. That the once i wanted to order. They say its only for carbon but i think it will also fit to K

Put your index finger between the pad and the rubber trim at the pink arrow, and put your thumb in the helmet behind the pad and pull on the back of that pad and it should come out pretty easily.

It might have some glue, not sure if EU models are glued in.

The earmuff pads you posted are not compatible with these cheekpads I don’t think. There is a cut-out in the pad to accommodate the earmuffs on helmets where that’s applicable, and your helmet doesn’t have those cut-outs.

Ok. Thx will try out tomorrow.

Btw which thickness is standard? At demon i can choose from 25 to 45mm. But if i measure mine its like 50mm. Do i measute it on the wrong position?

It will depend on what size your helmet is. Not sure how Bell measures it. On the Arais at least, they have a tag under the fabric that says what size cheekpad it is. Maybe if you get the pad out, you can pull back the fabric and there is a label? I can’t remember if Bell has that.

Talked to the guy from demon and he told me that the cheeks cannot be removed. He says that they are kind if glued in the K Model. So now im but confuesd if i shsll try it or not

Well technically, anything can be removed. :sweat_smile:

But if they are glued in and you are worried about breaking the foam or having them not fit properly once you pull them out, then best to leave them in.

I don’t think they are glued in on US market helmets, but I can’t remember. The K model might differ from the standard RS7. Notably, your padding has different fabric than the helmets we get here.

He said not directly glued but i quote “not removable linings” so maybe its the case

But trully said, i had an arai before and switched to bell this year. I have to admit that from the overall feeling the arai is way better, the fitting and also bit on the quality. Since my helmet was really worn out i had to get a new one. I only went to bell because it has it painted version and already painted it is lighter than the arai since i had problems with my nek. My custom painted arai is 1630 grams and the bell stamina is at 1430. You can feel the difference already in your hand. The stock arai was at 1470

If I had a fully-built Bell sitting here at the shop I’d make a little video to show how to remove the paddings so maybe you could see if yours is similar.

But anyway yes, I do prefer Arai myself which is why I sell the Arai and not the Bell. Both are very nice helmets but for me the Arai is a bit nicer build quality. The Bell is lighter though so it depends on what your priorities are.

I just weighed two identical Bell shells I have here for IndyCar driver Benjamin Pedersen, and the one that I just painted is 990g and the stock carbon shell is 900g. I find that most of my paint jobs add 75-100g total weight to the helmet.

Gives incentive to work out your neck. Stronger neck means you can wear nicer helmets. :wink:

Yeah i know but with kids work etc. There is not much time left for stuff like that :smiley:

In my series the most guys have been not only once at grand finals so the competition is very strong here.