How to seat the bead on 6 in. Evinco blue tires

Hi all,

I recently put new evinco blue tires on my wheels. Put air in the front tires, got the beads on proper, no problem. When I got to the rear (6 in.) tires, I realized that I can’t get any pressure in the tire since it is too narrow and leaves gaps between the bead and the rim. So how am I supposed to seat the bead? Does this require special tools?

Try putting a rope, belt, or ratchet strap around the circumference of the tire and squeezing to force the beads outward. Also, if you have bead locks, you’ll want those threaded in loosely so that they seal their hole, but don’t go through to interfere with the bead.

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Thanks I’ll give it a try.

Dumb question but are you lubing the rim a bit to mount the tires?