How to take care of your kart chassis?

Hello everyone,
Did a quick search to see if that has been asked before and couldn’t find anything, I’m new to karting, just began racing a in a regional category in México.

Just wanted to know from your personal point of view, what are the things you need to do or are recommended to do to your kart before each race as preparation and after each race to take care of the chassis and engine in general?

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First of all, welcome to Kartpulse, @jaimeelizondo3!

  1. Clean the chassis throughly after every day running. It helps to show where there might be cracks and damage prematurely. WD, Brake Clean and water go a long way.

  2. If I have time, I clean the kart down between sessions.

  3. Frame sliders help to prevent wear on common areas that grid on the track.

Just three quick things that come to mind.


Here’s some good information here: