How to tell if your MyLaps Transponder is FUBAR?

My MyLaps transponder is only 18 months old, but the last time Put it in the charger, the light was blinking red indicating that it was charging. But then the light stopped flashing and now the light is solid red. Last time I used it the track said there system wasn’t picking up my transponder.

There is nothing that says what a solid red light indicates.

Is this thing toast already? Anyone know how long these things are warranted for?


Not sure about the solid Red. On the older ones, TX160’s, they would double flash when there was a charging issue. The newer ones are serviceable if I am not mistaken. You could always short the terminal ends with contacts to a resistor or 12v light bulb (in place of a resistor) to drain it and charge it again. If they use NiMH batteries, they sometimes need a few drain and recharge cycles to “wake them up” enough to fully charge. Especially if they sat for a few months unused. Not sure if this helps?

I went on the MyLaps Tech Q&A and it said it flashes steady red when the battery is over heated. But its cool to the touch and my house is 68 degrees, so I’m not sure whats going on. . . .

When did you last connect it to the dongle?

Edit: does it have a dongle like the x2?

I had a similar issue. Had to keep taking it in and out to try and get it to charge. I think I might have tried another cradle to charge it and it doesn’t seem to have re-presented. Sorry, not much help to you really other than it was a bit of a one-off issue.

Is it under a subscription that hasn’t been allowed to lapse? If so they are warrantied as long as you maintain the subscription. 2years on TR2 Go (the non-subscription one)

No racekey type device for these Richard, just Bluetooth connection to the app.

I’d unplug the charger from the wall outlet and clean the contacts on the charger and transponder with alcohol. If no luck, call AMB.

Ended up sending it into MyLaps for repair and/or replacement. We’ll see what they have to say . . .

Their support seemed pretty good. I had a problem with mine and it sent some diagnostics out when I connected it to the app. They told me to send it off and they sent back a new one.

Got an email/ invoice from them today. They are sending me a new one at no cost. I guess my transponder was not repairable. :tipping_hand_man:

Not again, you have to be kidding me. Left it on the charger overnight, 3% charge. . . :rage:

WTF Over?


Is your charger bricked? Try another charger if you can.

I was thinking the same thing.