How to use Piston tool

Hello All,

I’ve struggled to figure out how to use this tool

10120 IAME KA100 | X30 Circlip Install Tool

Do I just tap the end with a soft hammer and it forces the circlip into the piston? I’ve tried messing around with it to see but I can’t figure it out since it doesn’t move even with force. There are absolutely no videos whatsoever that I could find on how to use it. I feel little dumb lol.

Any help would be appreciated

Pull apart into 2 pieces, slip the circlip into the hole and use the part with “fingers” to push and compress the circlip down to the size required to fit inside the gudgeon pin hole.

Once the tool is loaded place the end of the tool into the gudgeon pin hole, turn the 2 parts of the tool to line up the last push and give it a tap with your hand, the circlip will come out of the tool and should seat in the grooves.

It will be stiff but shouldn’t require more than you hands to compress the circlip.
Check you have the correct size circlip, too big and it will jam.
Check the bore of the tool is correct for the engine you are using (the tool bore is different for each size gudgeon pin)

Other then that it shouldn’t be too difficult.

I’d just add 2 things, just to make sure…if it’s stiff, hold the piston with one hand, push on the tool with the other when you install the last circlip. You don’t really want to push only on one side, forcing the conrod laterally. A little bit of oil on the inside, towards the tip may also make it easier

Video here - your tool works the same way