How would I seal a oil drain plug?

I posted a topic about two weeks ago asking how I could install a temperature gauge into my go-kart and nobody had responded. I continued doing some research in which I figured out how to insert an oil temperature gauge into my go-kart’s oil drain plug. However, I am afraid that the hole I drilled and tapped will leak since I am new to this type of stuff, how would I seal it to prevent leakage? I’ve thought about using Teflon tape but it’s fifty-fifty on using it. Some sources claim that it could break apart and go into my oil system, while some other sources claim it should be fine. I agree that it should be fine, as that is what I believe an oil filter is for. Another reason I believe it should be fine is that the drain plug I am using has a small filter that you install when screwing in the plug. Here is an image of the drain plug I am using:
Note the little filter that is attached to the spring which will be pressed into the bolt once it is screwed back in. Furthermore, for better visualization, here is the top of the bolt that I drilled and tapped into, right in the center of the hexagonal shape:

Lastly, I have also thought about putting a rubber gasket between the adapter and the top of the bolt. Here is the gauge and sensor that I am using:

Best way to do it is a round o-ring in a square groove against a flat surface.

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