How would you use kart racing to market sponsors?

One topic I’ve seen seldom discussed in karting is sponsorship. It’s always a big topic in car racing, so why not karts either? I can already guess why, being that Karting is considered a niche of motorsports and not easily used as a marketing tool to sponsors. Or that most people racing karts don’t need sponsor dollars. It’s become something of great interest to me, as I move into racing the KZ class this year.

If you were attempting to find a sponsor for your kart racing, let’s say on behalf a local business as that’s where you would start, what strategies would you use to activate the sponsorship and benefit them? Obviously we all know that just having the sponsor logo on the kart won’t cut it. I can think of some, such as public appearances with the kart to attract attention and possibly customers, but I’m interested in hearing other’s creative ideas.


Hey Daniel. I think one of the best ways is to exchange skills of some sort, contra deals. Public appearances draw a lot of attention. Keeping your sponsor(s) updated and giving them personalized gifts they can put on display seems like a quick win. @spribyl does a really good job of this.

For others checking out this topic, here’s some other resources on sponsorship on KartPulse:

Chris Rhoad talks at @DavinRS on the overall concept of sponsorship not being about you, the racer, or what it costs you to race. It’s about bringing value.

@Trey_Shannon’s story is a great example of thinking outside the box to involve brands with what you do in karting, other than just plan old racing.

Items tagged with sponsorship on the forums:

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Along with the podcast, I’ve written a few articles on sponsorship too.

Here is one:
If you want to talk more about it, let me know.

It is all about bringing value. I’ve been fortunate enough to have sponsors for the last 3 out of 4 seasons.

RacerTimes in 2015

Prova Motorsports in 2016

Oktane Visual, 425 Motorsports, Off Camber Data and Studio Rhoad in 2017

OUIWorks, 425 Motorsports, Torq America, and Studio Rhoad with a few other supporters in 2018


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(Cough) Torq America (cough)


First thing to do is have fun karting and tell your friends and family how much fun it is.
Now talk to the folks you do business with and feel them out are they interested in the sport.
If there is enthusiasm, you can consider asking for support.
Be aware getting and keeping sponsors is lots of work to provide value. I occasionally find it exhausting and I don’t think we do a very good job.

We do silly things like sticker on the kart but you can show it to them. Let them see and touch the kart.
We then take pictures at races and put them on social media and tag the sponsor that lets them know we are working for them and our theoretical fans see who are partners are.
In the interest of promoting karting and our sponsors car shows are a lot of fun.
We have a blog, social media, and send news letters to our sponsors/fans to let them know what is going on in the garage and at the track.
Last year we put the truck and kart in the 4th of July Parade which was a blast and go of very local TV.
The local car dealer and sponsor has hotdog days and we bring the kart to that and post an invite on social media.
Every year we visit the sponsors with the karts and some of the seasons trophies and take a picture which we then use to create an art project to hang on the wall. This gives them something to demonstrate community support.
When we upgrade the body we give them to sponsors to hang on the wall.



Excellent information guys, really appreciate it. James I listened to the podcast you linked with Davin and it was very insightful, thank you. And that’s great advice too Steve, I like the hands on approach and the idea of bringing the kart to public gatherings. It sounds like it keeps you busy. If you don’t mind me asking what kind of support do you get from your sponsors in return?


Its a mix, discounts, services, cash.

Stardust Memorials makes our plaques.
The local buisnesses give cash.
The ones we have from are discounts. These are really more about relationship building then any actual value to us. We connected EVS Sports(via hookie) with the Championship Enduro Series last year. We have a local amsoil(via hookit) dealer that we partner with as well Hi @Tj_Hollingsworth.

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So to your point on, wondering if you’re doing a good job with your sponsors. In my opinion, that’s where constant communication with your sponsors is key.

Make sure that you stay in touch with them. Not only to let them know how you’re doing, but also to get feedback and come up with ideas on what other things they might be interested in seeing. If your sponsors feel more involved in their investment, then they are more likely to stay engaged.

No one likes to give money, and then feel like it just disappeared on them.