HPV clutch vs X30 clutch

So I have 100cc HPV with the old style clutch with the 1 piece driver/drum, looking to upgrade it to a simpler new style clutch. I’ve heard the x30 clutches fit. Is this true? Any advice is appreciated

Nobody knows the answer to this?

Are you ultimately asking about the crank taper then? I haven’t personally heard of someone swapping them, but if it works it makes sense.

Yes I’m talking about the crank, is it the same size?

In case you have not thought of the following, here are a few ideas:

Try Kartsport North America at GoPro - they are the IAME importer. I presume they will know the answer.

Try an engine builder that has worked on both.

Try Lynn Haddock who was the HPV/KPV importer. He might have information on this.

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