Hpv/kpv pipe search

(Mateo I Perez) #1

So I just got a into this and all I keep reading is the 3 pipe is the most reliable pipe I have a couple of 2 pipes already and a 4 pipe on my sons now and he flies on the striaghts but has nothing on exit. But I can not find any where that has the 3. The 2 I was gonna run but told it a junior pipe so figure try to get a couple 3s for both of us any where I should be looking? thanks for any info!

(Daniel Agee) #2

Mateo, let’s chat tomorrow maybe. I have a 3 pipe that I’m not currently using and another Blue Max guy had one he tried to sell earlier in the year. I think he still has it.

(Mateo I Perez) #3

for sure thanks!!!