Hpv/kpv pipe search

So I just got a into this and all I keep reading is the 3 pipe is the most reliable pipe I have a couple of 2 pipes already and a 4 pipe on my sons now and he flies on the striaghts but has nothing on exit. But I can not find any where that has the 3. The 2 I was gonna run but told it a junior pipe so figure try to get a couple 3s for both of us any where I should be looking? thanks for any info!

Mateo, let’s chat tomorrow maybe. I have a 3 pipe that I’m not currently using and another Blue Max guy had one he tried to sell earlier in the year. I think he still has it.

for sure thanks!!!

You say it’s dead in the corners, I’m not sure what that means, I’m not sure what clutch is called for in that class? Is it a dry clutch? HPV came with a dry, un-adjustable spec clutch, is that the one you’re running? It had a very short, HPV specific, power takeoff side to the crankshaft. Only their clutch would fit on it. Tell me more about your engine.

Al here are the details on the HPV, clutches and pipes from when it’s was formalized as a class.


Actually Al you probably already know about that. But hey it’s there as a reference for others.

Also kudos to @Rapid1 for hosting the guide online.