I am new in Go Karting. Wanna to see if anybody in their 40+ in Midwest doing Karting

Hi my name is Ringo, I am in new in go karting, still haven’t get my first Kart yet. wanna to see anybody around my age in Midwest. 40+.

Lots of us in so-called “masters” classes that are usually 35+.

Where in the Midwest are you?

If you’re anywhere near Indianapolis or Cincinnati there are plenty of options. Lots of 40+ racers in that region, me being one of them.


Good to know that! I live in Pendleton Indiana. How about you James?

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Nice! I live in Pendleton Indiana. When will you Karting again?

There’s quite a few 40+ at Whiteland and New Castle.

Good to know! I will try to stop by the weekend after 4th of July.

If the weather holds out Sunday, there should be a few of us out practicing at Whiteland.

Just thought I’d throw it in here….

Down under in the land of Oz we have an Over 40’s event once a year at Coffs Harbour, NSW.

It has become a classic event that is very well attended.
It takes me a 5 hour drive to get there. I book an Airbnb for a five night getaway. Some guys in my class travel for two days or more to attend. (Yeah Cairns to Coffs is a long haul). I lock in my leave six months in advance.

It’s great to make new friends. The kind of environment where friends help each other out off track so we can be competitors and race hard and close on the track.

I hope you have something like it in the US.


Yea, but at newcastle they must be skinny with that 370lbs weight…

Ohio / 45 / Fat and happy and still trying my best with karting. Plenty of great groups to race with in the midwest between Whiteland / NewCastle (KRA) / OVKA / MCC.

Did whiteland ever pull the trigger on the mid week masters league???

They talk about doing extra mid-week stuff every year and never actually do it.

It’s happening this year. KA class and 206. Not sure if it’s masters or just senior

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Good to know I am not the only 45 here. Any tips of what kind/type of kart I should get? Can I even get a decent used Kart under 2500 bucks.

I have a 2021 OTK EOS for sale for $2500 with a fresh 206. Located at Whiteland. It’s fast and ready to rock minus a MyChron or Alfano.

I’ll provide setup info on it and some driver coaching as well.

You can also try to find an Eagle or an MGM. Those are the other fast chassis around here.

Hey thanks! I will let you know when I am heading to whiteland.

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I’m well over 40 and like @Andy_Kutscher, I’m in Ohio (near Toledo) . My son (24) and I (64 :scream:) are in our second full year of karting, generally running at Fremont Raceway Park but try to get out and run at other tracks.