I guess they quit karting

Now that’s a lot of kart bits to play with. Looks like 4 rollers, a couple two stroke and a couple lo. Mass quantities of gears, plugs, etc. Basically someone’s accumulated kart program.

Hard to say what it’s worth. Any of you guys wanna take a crack at what it would go for? Must be an especially difficult task moving all that stuff at once. The karts seem on the older side so I’m not sure who would want to buy such a collection.

The Description is great

“racing go-kart parts accessories.”

Very descriptive and Informative.

Sadly, not much of actual value. Unless the trailer they are in is going with it, I would value the whole package around $1500-$2k.

Looks like a bunch of stuff you could part out and make more (gears, hubs, etc). But the 206s are likely old seals and the karts are not “prime value” karts.

That was sort of my thinking too, but you could have some fun with the older karts. It’s an odd collection to try to sell.

@SahibT the seller must have given up trying to come up with a title that fit

One of the chassis is still new. No idea what kind. One of the karts has a faring that says “Cobra” on it with a black chassis. The new chassis is same color and might be same brand.

This is Gary Zarbo’s stuff. Saw it on FB last week. Per the add…

20 years of karting supplies! Make me an offer! 24 foot trailer, 6 karts. Two kartlift stands. 1 Hydraulic assist , 2 stackers, 3 stand-ups. 1 folding stands, tires wheels, anything karting related is in the trailer! There is probably an excess of 80000.00 in karts and parts, but would prefer to sell as one big package! See less

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Not familiar with him. Looks like he had a couple kids maybe who raced. Aren’t those junior 2 strokes?

What would I do with 6 old karts? Start a neighborhood gymkhana race series. Arrive and drive. Extra bucks gets you the 2 stroke engine with softer tires.

The cobra karts are K&K out of Canada. Good 4s chassis from mid/late 2010’s. Looks like a new one in the sale. Couple Beniks. Not sure what other chassis. Can’t tell in pics.

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I bet the chassis are 800-1000 each, the two Swift engines have value, the KartLift has value, and a bunch of odds and ends. I think 6-8k in actual value of usable stuff.

I know Gary, decent guy who was in the sport for a fair bit.

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One could easily flip 6 complete karts of this vintage to new folks looking for a cheap way to get on track. There’s enough hubs, axles, etc it looks like to make 'em good to go. Would be a bit of a project and you’d have to get it cheap since the karts are old.

Swift is the cadet engine? The two aircooled ones with big fins I always mistake for 100cc?

Shoot there might be 800-1000 in gears and chain.

Kk group buy and we crash them all

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