I have a side/ fun engine (Advice needed)

So I’m vested in the Lo206 but one day I came across a decent deal on a Predator Hemi new in the box and never opened. Price was stupid cheap ($20 bucks) and I’ve been holding onto it as a side/ fun project. (Love it when wives hold garage sales full of hubbies stuff)

Not entirely sure if this will go on my kart so I can better mix it up with the Subaru class at my local track, or this will go on one of my vintage mini bike projects. (or both)

But I’m curious if anyone knows how to get the max out of one of these motors on the cheap? Stage one kit, Stage two kit? I’m willing to throw maybe $300 +/- into this thing just to have something on the side to play with.

Given the budget, what do you mad professors suggest? Looking for something bolt on and easy, as I’m no mechanic.

What will the rules for that Subaru class let you do to the engine?

There are two basic rules to making power out of an engine. Compression ratio and Revs. On a four stroke, you can increase the compression by decking the head. Next you can increase the revs (before the valves start to float) by increasing the spring resistance on the valves. To be honest, I am not sure what is made up of “stage 1 or stage 2”.

Check out this guys channel

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The only reservation I have with these videos is that they rarely show the results of the work via a dyno or a track test.

At best you get some sort of top speed run on a public street, with their cellphone zip tied to the wheel as a speedo :joy:


What’s wrong with that

:joy::joy: yes that was me before I got the mychron, iPhone running a lap timer, worked pretty good actually. #redneck

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I’ve done it too, not gonna lie.
But I think some of these YT channels need to up their game :laughing:

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The Subaru class is pretty wide open, so long as your 4 stroke, everyone get in the pool!

When we run timed races instead of lap based some people use those $1 timers.

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Mychron makes kitchen timers?

apparently :man_shrugging: Youd think thered be some kinda lawsuit if they were different companies…