I think my mychron is stupid

Hi. I raced today and got a new set of tires and set my carb to race setting. My tracks best time is 38.28 (alltime) and i have raced 5 months and i got a time at 38.35. Im second in the whole club and on the track.
Is it possible that its wrong beacuse i dont want to belive it… i just dont belive it evert time i talk about it😅
I cant imagine that im soo fast new into karting. This is tge non updated leaderboard. They will update in 24hr.

Maybe your getting that much faster?

Yeah thats what my coach was telling me. He said that the simracing helped me reallymutch. I had a sim rig since i was 6yr old and now im 13. So half of my life. If im getting so mutch faster i need to get my coach a raise​:rofl::rofl:

Here is my full race on my youtube. My first gokart race at Järälla Mk (Hotlap 38.34 - YouTube

Check your track map in a RaceStudio too. My Mychron has (for some reason or another) decided that our Start/Finish line is about half a lap different than where it actually is. So the read out I was getting was actually my best rolling lap and not actual lap.

You can put the Start/Finish line anywhere you want. I can’t quote it but it’s right there somewhere.

Yeah, I managed to find it in RaceStudio3 analysis but RS2 is a whole ‘nother ball game. Now I gotta figure out how to upload the proper map back to my Mychron, lol.

The MyChron will automatically set the start/finish where it detects GPS overlap. So for example at my home track, it always sets it after turn 1 because that’s where pit exit is and therefore the first overlap of each lap. You can manually move the start/finish a few different ways. I usually just set all my laps/sessions to the same start/finish point using the GPS Lap Insert.

You can move the start/finish in the track map page too but I never mess with that really.

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It uses the shifter start for Englishtown and there’s no way to permanently change it. :rage: and they say shifter drivers are oppressed.