I want to buy iame leopard parts

Does anyone have any parts for the iame leopard 125 engine? Ignition system parts, front sprocket, clutch or other? Thanks

Might try reaching out to some of the engine builders here in the States. Now that Leopard has largely been replaced by X30 in sprint racing, I would imagine that many builders have spare parts they are looking to off-load.

It would be great. Thank you for your help. Let me know if you find somebody ho have parts.

I know a few people with lots of Leopard parts. The Gearup Series here in the northeast just moved away from the motor so lots of people still have motors and parts laying around.
I would suggest posting in the NorthEast Karting page on Facebook. If not I can get you in touch with some people who may have what your looking for.

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Thank You. I send message to You.

If you don’t find the parts you are looking for, you will find them in Europe no problem, they are to find around here, but you may want to start thinking about getting an X30 since they are so popular and easy to find parts.