Iame 175 Super Shifter Tips?

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As most of you know, I am racing Skusa Mexico and we decided to give it a go for the Iame 175 Super Shifter engine, we just done the break in yesterday and here are some comments, questions that I would like to raise with you that I am sure have more experience than me with this specific engine.

First of all, it is easy to notice that it behaves different to Honda or KZ 125 as the power bands of the 175 are bigger, could feel the difference already from the 8500 RPMs. Having that said, any particular tips other than trying short shifting?

About its tuning, someone told me to put a cylinder base smaller than the one that comes with the engine in the box - He recommended me to use the number 2 cylinder base, which makes sense as you lower the cylinder heigh and consequently have more power?

Also, someone told me to add a .2 base gasket to the other .4 that already comes with the engine?

Finally about the fuel mixture… 1:16 would be the max recommendable? Would 1:18 be too aggressive? Read somewhere that people are using it up to 1:20 but they started to have a lot of piston seizures…

What I also came to notice is that the performance of the 175 is quite similar to the TM-M1 even tho it is a 135 engine… any reason for that or any other way to do not limit the 175 as much as it seems to be limited?

Well I am sure that together with me there are a lot of people with this questions and if we can help everyone with a discussion topic like this I think would be great given that this engine is a beast and I think it is so well underrated.


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