IAME and other Seat Size / Sizing

I weigh 200lbs, 6 feet tall with a 34 waist. Buying online is the only option as I do not have a local store to go sit and try one out.

Any other recommendations would be welcome!

Anecdotally I am 6 175 and 33w. M/L is doable but a bit too tight. You are probably a large or large tall. (I had to get a deepseat since the normal seats dig into ribs too low). I wear a thick rib protector.

The rib protector is a good point to make. I was also looking at using padding. Some manufactures offer sizes in denominations of 3, 4. So L and XL. But I want to be sitting snug in the seat without lateral movement taking a bite out of my kidneys and ribs.

Each brand of seat has a sizing chart. In the case of most manufacturers, they have multiple styles which gets confusing.


Xavier you and I are very close in height and weight. Last year I used a IMAF size 3 and found it to be comfortable with my gear on. You may have to add some padding based on your build, but it’s likely a good place to start.

Thanks I will proceed with a size 3! Thanks guys

I’m not sure how important it is but most brands of kart have a recommended seat model.

Where could i find this information? Granted i already bought a padded Tillett T7 for my CRG as they worked quite well for us 10 years ago but im still curious.

Dated,and from kart book (Aus):

Michael Hazelton

The CRG chassis is designed for the CRG seat… the CRG Euro flat bottom range works a treat in all the chassis. This is the best handling seat in a CRG.

However, the CRG seat is very soft and prone to failure around the top mounting areas, even with the big 60mm washers. I strengthen mine around this area to increase the life of the seat without effecting its rigidity. Others buy new seats.

I thought about trying the IMAF seat as a substitute to the CRG as they have similar flex rates, but haven’t had time to test. I seem to remember Lehane using IMAF in his CRGs before he jumped ship.

I have tried a few of the Tillet models and they work well and are a high quality seat. They also have a large range of sizes, shapes and hardness to select from.

The Kartech seat is known for its deep sides which suit the “adult” shaped drivers and can protect your ribs more due to the load being spread further. But i personally have never liked the chassis feel with these seats.