IAME Gazelle 60cc Big Bore

Hi all! We have a 60cc IAME Gazelle engine and are wondering if anybody makes a big bore kit for these say to a 100cc? Any help is much appreciated. I have attached pictures of the engine we have. Thank you.

I’d hazard a guess that there might not be such a thing. You would be looking at a 54mm piston in what’s currently a 42mm hole.

The transfer port angles would be severely compromised if you bored the cylinder out that far such that you’d need to machine the transfers back as well, assuming there’s enough metal.

At the same time, almost anything is possible with enough effort…. I doubt it’s worth the effort though.

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I wonder if a 48mm bore KA 100 cylinder and head would fit?

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You’d have to add reeds too since the gazelle is piston port.

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It looks like an opening for a reedblock is right there already!


Thanks James, I figured as much. I couldn’t find anything on the internet but thought I would reach out here. Definitely not looking to reinvent the wheel with this thing.

Might be worth looking into! Thanks Charles.

Dumb non wrench question:

Piston port means the exhaust gasses and intake is literally an opening in the cylinder that opens/closes with the piston movement? Either the piston is blocking it or not?

Reeds are one way doors that allow a gas to escape but won’t let air in (or vice versa)?

Can it be both? Ie the piston port has Reeds?

If this big bore thing can’t work out if i wanted to just sell this engine what would be a good price?

Not dumb at all. In “stock appearing” classes this is actually done. People add reeds to a piston port engine like the KT100.

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Probably not much at all since they really aren’t ran anywhere, except maybe some club races. If I would guess, just a few hundred is all.

Zane where are you located?

In the motocross world you tend to see pretty much that on the larger (250cc+) engines.

This is a 92-01 Honda CR250


The Rotax Max has a cylinder reed - as does a TM K9. They aren’t bad for midrange power, but the limited crankcase volume doesn’t help on the top end so the later TMs have moved the reedblock down.

Don’t confuse cylinder reeds with a piston port engine that has reeds fitted. It’s not the same thing.

We are in Reno, Nevada

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