IAME LEOPARD MY9 outboard starter nut

Hey, so I bought a new Coleman outboard starter but my IAME LEOPARD MY9 Motor has an oval shaped nut on the crank/sprocket gear. What impact socket or special made adapter do I use/can find online. Any help would be rad! Thanks guys!

Good Luck. I spent six months trolling the inter-webs for one. No luck. Even called Comet to see if they may have a lead on one, but came up short. In the end, I purchased a Gator-Grip socket that conforms to whatever you push it on to. It works, but barely clears the clutch cage.

Here is a pic from Home Depot:

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The end of the shaft that engages the starter nut on the Leopard should resemble the upper right hand corner of this picture.

If I look at pics of the MY 09 Leopard it doesn’t appear to have a nut on the clutch end, just a circlip??
The crank end has two flats machined on it . With a suitable adaptor, an external starter can be used if required.
A similar crank end was used on many JICA engines ( Clutched but no on board starter) circa 2000.
It would seem that these adaptors are very difficult to find , evidenced by the number of threads on various forums searching for a source.
GregF has come up with one solution. Another is to get one made up, not a difficult job for any small machine shop given dimensions of crank end and starter drive shaft end.

Sorry, my bad. Our Leopard had a standard 10mm nut on the of the crank shaft. Used a 17mm socket to remove it.
Evidently, you have something different.

I don’t have one at all Tony_Z.Just looking at the pics from Comet and Iame and reading SCF 2019 ref. to ‘oval shaped nut’.
Different versions?? Cheers!

Have you tried getting one from the UK? I’d be surprised if someone like kartstore.co.uk don’t have one.

Otherwise you could try the F100 JICA group on Facebook too.

Since it’s a small item, shipping should be reasonable overseas.

Someone in the US has to have one somewhere. This wasn’t an uncommon starter nut on the Leopards. We had an adapter on our outboard but I can’t remember what it was, that was several years ago.