Iame reedjet reed cage/stuffer

Does anyone know if the iame x30 or ka100 reed cage/stuffer would fit a large reedblock watercooled reedjet?

Neither of the classes are run in my country so no chance to borrow one to test.

Hi, I have an Iame X30 and can give you its reed cages measurements, if that helps? Not sure I understood your question right.

Exactly, by reedjet do you mean the original Iame reedjet from the end of the 90s? The ICA one?


The later ica watercooled model. Comes with larger reeds than the air-cooled and earliest watercooled motors.

I found the homologation for the x30 and measured against what I already have, some slight differences but I think it would work. I know they are popular to run in open classes in USA and Australia so thought someone may have done it before and could confirm if it works or not before I order one.