Iame screamer KZ 125 $3,200

Location:Riverside CA
Price: 3,200

Details: Iame Screamer Black 125 complete KZ engine, 1.6 hours since full rebuild, which included top and bottom, new rod, bearings, complete clutch, reeds. Top level engine tuned by the factory for KZ category, I have the Dyno sheet vs TM 10C and R1 max tune, ping me directly for more info.

Comes complete with magnesium mount, fuel pump, exhaust, special white carbon fiber silencer, carburettor and red airbox. Few spares too (piston, rings, etc).

In person pickup preferred but I can pack and ship (buyer pays shipping)

That Silencer is absolutely beautiful, is it custom?

Actually they are not custom, they are made by MC Racing for KZ engines. Available in US through ItalianMotors. The short style I used seems to work very well with the screamer…and looks awesome too!

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Last price drop, $3,200 + shipping if not local. Spent over $1K last rebuild, everything is new.

As I’ve been asked multiple times, I’m sharing some pointers with you, hopefully will help you decide.

Based on dyno tests these are the comparisons (from top performer to bottom). All CIK legal, all max prep from factory or top builders (tested 3 R1s and 2 Modena against mine, definitely not a statistical sample, but I think good enough)

Max power: Modena KK2, Screamer, TM R1 (first within 1hp from second, second within 1hp from third)
Wider top end powerband: Screamer, TM R1, KK2
Bottom and mid-range: TM R1, Screamer, KK2

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