Iame sse 175

Location: Paragon, IN
Price: 3000


IAME SSE 175 Engine Package

Everything needed to bolt on and go racing. 25 minutes on new top end and new cases fresh from BCRE/Harden Motorsports Group.

Can ship if needed or have delivered to Stars at Pitt or SuperNats.

That’s the second SSE 175 I’ve seen for sale on this forum in a week. Is there something wrong with them that I should know about? I’ve just spent the last two weekends racing mine and it’s been great so far.

Season has wound down, no real racing until next year unless you go to Vegas, so time to sell and buy new stuff in the spring!

Certainly nothing wrong with them. Sold mine since I needed some cash, and don’t plan to race the shifter next year.

Price drop! 20 chars

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