IAME Super Exhaust

Hello All
I currently have an BirelArt CY30 with IAME X30, planning on moving to a IAME 175CC and trying to research exhausts as this does not come with engine, any input thoughts experiences would be appreciated, thanks.

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Hi Miles, where are you located?

James, I am located in a suburb of Phoenix, AZ.


175cc Tag or 175cc Shifter?

I think it does use a Iame Screamer pipe :grin:

Below is a link to the Karting Australia homologation for the 175 Super Shifter, Euro version (assuming that’s what you are considering) - I run this engine as well as a CR125. The pipe details are on pages 28 and 29. If the SSE (US version), there may be a difference, but I doubt it. As Lucas said above, I’m sure it’s just a standard Screamer/IAME KZ pipe. I can’t comment on the non shifter version (175 Tag)

here you can see the specs and the exhaust i use on the single speed iame x30 super 175

MRC sells these exhausts. I don’t know if they have any in stock but it’s worth a call to 951-278-8885 to find out.

Thank you very much for the data sheet.