IAME X30 Cooling, what happened to my coolant?

I went out for a practice days last week. It was ranging from 80 90 degrees. After the session I broke down my kart including engine removal for general maintenance and clean up.
When I disconnected my hoses from the radiator is was BONE DRY? I checked radiator and hoses for breaks or cracks found nothing. I am perplexed as to how I could lose all that fluid without a trace, no indications of a leak could be found. I would have thought even a drive behind would have seen a leak? No indication of a leak on the chassis or anything ???

80 to 90 degrees Centigrade? That’s WAY too hot for an X30 or pretty much any kart engine. Average should be around 50-55c, maybe 60c at most. If you can’t find a leak there is a high chance the radiator either wasn’t filled or leaked out prior to your practice day. Do you leave the water in the radiator when the kart is being stored?

There is no damage to the piston or cylinder head? Prolonged exposure to heat that high especially with no water can lead to some serious damage.

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Yes, it can. I did a practice session without coolant in radiator, once. Total loss. Small pin failed and piston was released to go wherever it wanted at 15k + rpm.

I am in the US 80 - 90 DEGRESS FAREHIET outdoors THE ENGINE DID NOT OVERHEAT. the engine is not seized still runs just fine.

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Well thats only 30°… pretty cold for a x30 i run mine at 51° celcius. Maby you forgot water?

You could put some water in the radiator over night in a garage and get a bowl under to see of any leaks. Maby a hose was not tightend. Waterpump?

How did the kart run?

80-90 F is quite cold, operating temp is more like 115+ otherwise you risk cold seizing it if you push it too hard at that temp.

It’s not ingesting water into the cylinder head somehow is it?

If its ingesting water throw the head cylinder or throw the head gaskets , you can check your exhaust for water elements inside of it . The smoke also from the exhaust will be weird and smells different , if you ad some coolant in the water and it goes inside the chamber and burned it smells like sweet from my experience with that problem .

Do you drain the radiator during storage or when your expecting freezing temps?

Asking for a friend who is about to jump up to an X-30 . . . :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Freezing temps……what’s that now? Storage yes if it will be more than a few weeks.

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Just thought I would let you know what the problem was. I don’t see the need for a drain in a water pump, the drain screw came lose while driving and the fluids drained out. Going to exchange for a pump that does not have a drain valve for which I see ZERO VALUE.


Yes! Every last bit of moisture out of all the hoses, pump, radiator and engine if stored any where except in your house. Trust me.

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Thanks for the update. The drain plug seems like a good idea. Use a thread locker in the future

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Really? I leave my coolant which is just water wetter and distilled water in my radiator. I only drain it every few months or if I need to remove the engine to clean it or for maintenance. Granted It doesn’t get even close to freezing temperatures where I am. I’ve never had any issues, in fact, I find that there is little to no corrosion when I leave the water and water wetter in the radiator as opposed to when i take it out and the humidity eats away at it.

I don’t empty it either, not unless it’s gonna be out of action for months.

Even then sometimes I leave it in and just run the kart up to temp on the stand every couple of weeks. Track ready status :joy:

Instead of buying a new one, you can also use a high-strength loctite retaining compound like 680 or similar, that thing won’t get out again…you’ll have to torch the screw to get it loose

I agrée. Just add it into your pre track checks now that you know about it.

If you haven’t got locktite go down to any auto mechanical shop and ask for some as you will only need about 3 drops of it, you can use any type of thread locker ex:243 medium or 680 high strength will do just fine or you could even just use thread tape on a brass bung, minimum of 6 wraps and do up tight.
I personally would have thought it was not tight before you went out.

Thanks for the input, I decided to send the pump back and was fully refunded. I decided to install a pump that does not have a drain plug. It’s just too risky, I am in Phoenix and it gets extremely warm here in the summer.