IAME X30 Exhaust

I recently switched from a ROK gp to a X30, I’ve gotten everything up and running, I only have one question.

The exhaust has the egt sensor fitting pre welded and threaded to the exhaust. Except the hole to fit the end of the egt sensor into the exhaust is closed, I understand it’s so exhaust gas doesn’t leak out if you don’t have a egt sensor when you buy it. is it as simple as just drilling into the hole so the sensor can fit in or do I need to do it a different way?

Thank you

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Yep, just drill it out and you’re good to go! Only consideration is the type of EGT sensor you’re using. The bung should have outer threads as well as inner threads. The 90* sensor that utilizes the outer threads seems to be the most common application for X30. The sensor is also a bit more robust compared to the straighter/smaller inner-thread type. Also worth noting that the different sensors will produce different temp readings, so it’s always worth clarifying exactly what type of sensor is being used when gathering benchmark data from others.

New pipe / sensor - 200 degrees higher EGT. 1350 -ish on the high and 800s low. This is a rough guideline.

Thanks! I’m using the 90 degree bung sensor.

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