Iame x30 fuel mix

How many procent of 2 stroke oil should i pour in to the gasoline. I heard 4 procent is that right?

It is a iame x30 engine

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Most series here in the US run 1L of oil per 5 gallons of fuel, which is 5.3%.

Iame manuall says 4precent and i rum 96 octan

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I’m pretty sure the manual says 5%

This manual states 4%. Unfortunately no version history of the document.

UK version of the manual says 5%

Judging from the responses it seems to vary between 4 and 5%. In that case if you have an engine builder that you are working with just go with their recommendation so that it’s one less variable.

I don’t personally run x30 but I hear enough, and it seems most the iron bore engines (x30 included) here are running around 6.25% or 16:1 or 8oz/gal.

thanks in gonna ask my mechanicks and choach fore some advice to

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I take a 25 litre Gerry can, drop a litre of oil in it and fill it with 98. So just over 4%.

ELF recommends 4% for HTX 909 and HTX 976. I’ve tried several other oils and they all increase friction enough to lose RPM on the straightaway.

Also, if you’re not already doing this, use premium pump gasoline rather than race gas or avgas. You’ll go faster (Eastern US E10 93 is a nearly ideal 2-stroke gasoline) and you won’t poison the kids at the track. Keep your fuel in a steel can and drain both the fuel tank and carburetor at the end of the day.

If you’re using Aspen fuel, be doubly sure to keep it out of the sun. It contains MMT as an octane booster which is ruined in minutes by sunlight; the resulting manganese oxide is found in your fuel filter as a rusty precipitate.

5.5 oz to the gallon on elf 909 here

What do you mean an octane booster? Like it’s added to the fuel to increase the octane rating?

Yes; it’s a component of the fuel in a small concentration that increases resistance to detonation. It’s like tetraethyl lead except a lot less toxic.

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Would it possibly be beneficial to leave the fuel in the sun to lower the octane rating? At least in 100cc stuff like a KA the engine prefers 93 compared to 98 or 110. Or would leaving it in the sun drop it even lower than that?

No. You’ll end up clogging your fuel filter, and even if you filter it on the way to the tank you’ll have a fuel of unknown properties.

93 AKI pump gas gives more power than MS98L or 100LL avgas not because it’s lower octane (it’s actually 98-100 RON) but because it’s oxygenated and has a bunch of butane and other light components that burn quickly on ignition, while leaving heavy ends that protect the piston so you don’t have to run rich.

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Lol idont understans any of this i rum 93 octane pump gas from the gasnstation with some wladoil oil in it isbit good ??

Yes. You’ve got the right answer even without having the complete background of the problem.

Nice info… I´ve always driven with E5 100octane gas pump, with 5% ELF HTX 909 oil mix on my x30 due to the UK manual (I´m from EU) I´m only a club driver, but my new mechanic is doing a top end build for me at the moment, and he noticed a lot of carbon build up at the piston crown, more than he would consider normal, so he asked me how much oil i was running. From now on, I will run 4% mix… thanks…

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