IAME X30 fuel / oil mix ratio & octane rating

Good day fellas.

The IAME manual states 25:1 fuel / oil mix ratio (4%).
I don’t have access to good quality fuel (around 87 octane). Does this affect the fuel / oil mixture?

My question is, is there any relation to the lubrication ratio and octane rating?

Another question is, what spark plug gap do you guys run?


Where are you located. As canned fuel ie c12 or similar is going to be what you need to run. You will lose detonation protection running a low octane fuel and lack of lead will increase engine wear greatly.

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Caribbean, so no direct access to c12.

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Got an airport? I would bet they have some av gas. Which would be much better than 87. Not ideal but at least you would get some lead. Adjust your plug accordingly. Since the only way to add protection back would be to pull some timing. Surely you aren’t the only guy running 2 stroke down there. Maybe find someone else running 2 strokes and see why they run?

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You should be fine, its a leisure engine. If you were running a KZ or any engine that you can tune the squish then I would say go high on octane if you have tuned appropriately.

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Thank you all for your feedback.

So basically, the fuel quality does not influence the fuel / oil mixture. -> Remains 25:1
The fuel quality / octane rating only affects tuning.

Are there no auto or motorcycle race shops near you? They typically have race fuel, and may sell you some. 87 octane is way too low. I wouldn’t run anything lower than 93, but I use 100.