Iame x30 junior restrictor

Hey Everyone,
I am putting together a iame x30 engine kit (junior) and can’t find the restrictor to fit the “old” style exhaust bend.If anyone knows where i can find one cheaply it would be very much appreciated.


The old setup wasn’t an add in restrictor, but an entirely different header pipe with the restrictor welded in.

Thankyou Very Much

I am a young driver and putting a junior x30 kit together.
You saved me alot of time

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Is the header pipe the exhaust bend

Yes, the header (the “bend”) is the curved piece that bolts to the back of the engine. They make an unrestricted unit (for Senior), and three separate restricted units for Junior (26mm, 29mm, and 31mm). You will need to find out which Junior header size you will be required to use wherever you will be driving.