Iame x30 on otk frame


I just bought a used iame x30 for my Kosmic kart, and I have some questions regarding mounting it to the frame.

  1. What motor mount are people using ?? It came with an angled one, but I also have a flat otk mount, that fits the motor.

  2. How far back are people mounting the motor. As it is now, with the angled motor mount, I cant moved it further back, as you can see on the picture. I could modify the mount, or use the flat one wich allows more movement backwards, because of the cut.

  3. What mount for the exhaust are people using ??


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Most people are running the angled mount I would say. They do make angled mounts with the rear left cutout so you can move it slightly farther back before hitting that weld. Otherwise, you need to get a smaller chain. Most people running o-ring chains on an X30 will have a few sizes of chain if they need to change gear drastically. Or if you run standard chains, you can break them and take links out or add links.

I just always use the OTK exhaust mount.

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I could just cut that rear left a little, like on my otk mount, so I can move it over the weld joint, and place it about there ?? That would give me some more room for my elbow…

Regarding the exhaust mount. This is the one I have right now, but with the angled motor mount, I dont think it has the right hight, in order to support the exhaust in the right angle. I needs to be higher…

You’ll want the engine forward of that tube to get the kart to the TonyKart recommended weight distribution. It’s sometimes difficult to get ahold of a 118+ link chain when you need one, but they exist, or you can splice together two 104s.

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Thanks… So you wouldnt move further back, than now??

Btw. There seems to be two types of motor mount clamps. Whats peoples take on this…?

I always use flush mount like the bottom picture on everything from 206 to shifter.

And this type of clamp dosnt deform the chassis tube easier ?