Iame x30 super 175cc single speed . Ground cable questions

Good evening .

I have a question about the grounding at x30 engines . In my connections i can only see the grounding cable from the cdi coil unit and im bolting it to the engine crankcase. So after that the ground connection is supposed to be continued on the chassis throw the engine mounts ?

If this is the theory then how we get clear and good grounding connection if our chassis have a fresh repaint or powercoated ?

Is kart engines needed to be grounded to the chassis ?

Many thanks in advance.

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The photo is from fox racing dom ! i just put it on the post to show the ground cable…

Coz i have forget to photo my engine as i left from the garage :smile:

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Is there not a grounding wire on the harness back to the battery?

do you mean the black wire that goes to the negative pole to the battery greg ? or a free grounding wire that it should be bolted to the frame and then return to the battery on the negative pole ?

Well i went back to the garage and took some photos ,

as the black wire from the negative pole from the battery travels back in the harness it come throw that red connection and after that its bolded in the outside cage of my starter motor . Its not bolted to the chassis . So in that way it has to find grounding throw the engine mount , correct ?

Maybe its better to guide that contact direct to my chassis and not to the outside cage of my starter motor ?

Why does the chassis need to be grounded? The ground strap from the coil goes to the engine and the engine is grounded back to the battery through the harness connection at the starter.

I cannot think of any reason you would need to ground to the chassis.


There is no need to try to involve the isolated chassis into the electrical system. The starter body and engine body are bolted together and make a good electrical connection.


Thanks a lot for the help greg now i understand it.

Thats right mark ! Thanks for the help ! :slightly_smiling_face:

I will gladly hand deliver an engine to a Greek Island.