Iame x30 tuning

Hi! As many of you know i have started a engine service biz, i would want to know some tricks to make my engines run really good. Mostly trics with carb, i know a. Cuple of things that are using dremel to sand down junior manifold to be 24mm exact, thinner oil in transmission, etc so help me out guys!

And for carbs… what can i do inside regulations? What is good popoff?

Double check regulations. Removing material is often prohibited for various spec parts.

Also, getting the basics right is 90% of the battle. Perfect hone, everything balanced etc…

i usually get all the baicis but i want to get the carbs running so that the service will stand out and everyone willl want a prepped engine…

one good upgrade thats legal . is change from pvl ignition system to selletra ignition system ,

another place that you may found better all around performance is throw testing different needle springs at your tillotson carb . but always watch out to never go toο lean and having seize problems .

a standart pop off pressure to start as a baseline is pop at somewhere 10 psi and holds steady around 8 .

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intresting my builder always runs 9-10 psi pop-off and hold around 6-8psi i have all engines suited with selletra ignition system!

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What squish?
Standard spring stretched to 10psi, or a 42g spring?
I have heard people searching for certain properties of the brown diaphragm. E.g. soft and used is better then brand new? I dunno?
Piston to bore clearance
The hone in the barrel

Piston to bore i run 12 to 13.5 depending on engine… i use normal spring streched and i also bend the lever to stick out like 1mm from body…