Ice Karting on Swinging lake Bridge OVRP


(Dom Callan) #1

Saw this on YouTube. Let’s start a series!

(Greg Meller) #2

Karts, drifting, ice. Whats not to love!! Awesome!!

Dont think there would be much drafting going on :joy:

(James McMahon) #3

I’m down. Damn lakes were frozen up here until five weeks ago anyway :joy:

(Justin Dittrich) #4

We’ve done a lot more this winter with the ice karting. It’s a whole lot of fun, you HAVE to try it sometime!

(James McMahon) #5

Hoping to bring it to MN sometime… Found a venue, so that’s a thing…

What did you guys do for studs?

(Justin Dittrich) #6

We used Kold Kutter Canadian Ice Racing Screws, 1" in length.