Ideal idle RPM for Mini Swift on startup

Hey guys

What a good RPM for the mini Swift to idle on startup?

It should idle around 2 to 2.5k when cold, and it should not really idle without throttle blips once it has been out on track and is warmed up.

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Very much appreciate you sir thank you

Exactly as said before, ours was set that it didn’t idle without blipping the throttle. If it idles on it’s own, it can load up before they get going.

Makes sense. I only even asked the question because I got the motor back the other day and put on my sons kart but didn’t start it until it was at the track since we were only going to practice with the ROK. When I started the Swift it was obvious I had the throttle cable set way to tight and it was around 3500 rpms on start up so I adjusted and it was all good. Really I was just curious if there was an ideal RPM that others set it to for initial start up. Im only A couple years into this sport and still just trying to learn everything and anything from anyone. This forum has always been a place to go to find those small tips.

Appreciate it for sure thanks guys

That’s how you are going to learn, by asking questions and doing. I started this year with my daughter in Mini Swift, but realized it was time to move to juniors based on her size, even though she just turned 12. In her Swift, I never set the idle speed because I never let it idle without her blipping the throttle. I wanted to have the motor cut off when she came in without issue, it gave me a better reading on the plug. When we started, we ran the Gazelle and then moved to the Swift, and I was told by someone that they shouldn’t idle.

While we weren’t the only one on the grid that did not have the kart idle on it’s own, there were some that did have the idle speed set.

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