Ideas for a Quick Install\Release for Dataloggers: MyChron, Alfano etc

Initially I was going to drill the threaded mount bolt and use a clip to be able to quickly swap my MyChron5 from kart to kart. But I’m sure there’s a better way with some sort of latching system


Wingnut? 20 character…

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Tanguy is using a 5 for his rental races in Europe so he must have a quick release figured out. @tankyx

13mm socket and impact.

Leave wires on every kart.


I use an Alfano 6, and I use a thumbnut :

Needs a pre-drilled hole though. If you dont have an hole on the wheel, Support volant karting location pour ADSGPS

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I should have added toolless as a requirement. But yeah I have the leads on both karts, so that’s a plus.

Use a wingnut and a bolt that is drilled so that you can use a reusable clip on it.

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My Friend Charlie just sent me this.

It’s a brilliant idea

Edit: at first it thought it was 3D printed but it appears as though it’s just the Fuel Tank Bolt Holder From OTK


That makes sense. M8 thread anyway.

This is what I ended up with. Not as ideal as the gas tank cap, but did the job. I think a bag of 10 was like $12

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