Identifying a kart - (Margay Rookie)

Pictures of the Kart
I am trying to find out more about a kart I recently bought. So far I have contacted TopKart and Margay. It has a serial stamped in the right front hanger like a margay, but the number isn’t jiving with Margay(106035). Topkart didn’t see any OEM parts, so they don’t think it’s on of theirs. Anybody have any other guesses or now of any other manufacturer that puts serial numbers in the right front hanger?

The curved rear frame rails where the rear torsion bar would be and the red anodized hardware shouts Margay to me.

I think I identified it as a Margay rookie chassis

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If there was any trick to figuring it out, let us know. It might be helpful in the future to someone else.

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Margay are particularly good at helping people with this…

Thanks for circling back… did you get any more info from Margay on it? Years it was made etc.