If you had one karting event to go to a year

Which would it be?
Doesn’t need to be Supernats or anything.
Mostly, which is the biggest, funnest event you would want to travel to each year (that is open to all levels).

Anything at Road America…

Gotta be SuperNats. Even just to watch. It’s the most badass event of the year. The talent level (and money level) is insane, the racing is amped, and a few days in Vegas is always a blast.

Hmm tough one. I’d love to checkout “The Big One” sometime. It’s a dirt oval race with a crazy purse, something like $250K


That does indeed seem awesome.

I’ll second TJ. I went to Vegas to watch last year and it was a surreal experience. I wanted to race it next year but college is putting that on hold. Still gonna watch though, even if i’m missing a week of school for it

SuperNats is definitely on my realistic bucket list. I would absolutely love to see the CIK Euro Championships at a track like Genk, Kristianstad, or Sarno.

OK, scratch Road America. This would be the ultimate!

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Always wanted to go to SuperNats, and that’s still #1 on my list that I haven’t been to yet.

I’m a big fan of endurance races for karts (surprise surprise), and seeing live pit stops at RoboPong is wild. That’s one of the coolest I’ve ever been to, and a must-see for anybody who hasn’t, if it ever comes back.

I would love to check out the 24 hour KF (maybe TaG) race they do at Le Mans each year too.

Back in the late '90s and early '00s, we had the Briggs and Stratton 300 on the Legends track at Charlotte Motor Speedway. That race was fast, punishing, and insanely dangerous. Very cool event under the lights on the front straight at CMS. Unfortunate that that one isn’t still going, but speedway oval karting seems to be pretty much dead at this point.

Other bucket list events for karting enthusiasts to participate/attend would have to be Rock Island, Trofeo Andrea Margutti at South Garda, Daytona Kartweek, King of Concrete, Batesville Indoor Nationals in Mississippi, Rotax Worlds.

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Rotax Grand Finals - any class, any track, any time. Simply nothing else like it.


The USAC Battle at the Brickyard! Havent raced in it yet but i am next year. I live 20 min from IMS, greatest place in the world IMO

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Monaco Kart Cup if it still existed. Supernats pretty much blew everything else out of the water for me from an experience stand point. Even the biggest european events are fundamentally no different from club events, the Supernats however…

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We invite you all to consider the Rock Island Grand Prix, world’s largest karting street race, held in Rock Island Downtown Arts & Entertainment District. It’s on many bucket lists.This is our 24th year and have had competitors from coast to coast and 10 foreign countries including foreign winners from UK, France, Poland and Philippines. Very different from SuperNats. A big part of our focus is on having a good time.