If you want to check out some extreme 2-strokes

This channel is for you. He’s going for the 2-stroke record at Bonneville, possibly this year. Looks promising if it can stay together.


Is the dyno a hybrid electric and aerodynamic load dyno? A hybrid dyno would provide both inertia/mass and drag load on the motor.

I am already a subscriber to this guy. He’s great!

The Dyno is a makeshift brake from a tractor-trailer truck. Originally it was designed to use electromagnets to slow the shaft rotation in order to take some of the load off the friction brake system. He has modified by disabling some of the coils an can apply a variable load. From last couple of videos I think is is still a bit stronger than you would like as he has had to keep adjusting the gear ratios to drive it and not burn out his clutch.

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He has a big decanter of whiskey on his desk. Wrenching is hard.

In the videos, he says its Rum. Point still stands! :sweat:

What is the story with the progressively larger series of gears on the dyno? Looks like the final sprocket turns a big wheel, slowly.

I think it has to do with the rotating mass and resistance on the clutch. He was having issues with the clutch slipping excessively. By decreasing the final drive ratio he was able to take some of the strain off the clutch and get full lock up under load.

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This guy has an interesting channel going, it’s a great resource for making sense of two-stroke black magic. I’ve definitely learned things from this guy.

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