iKart Indianapolis

Complete greenhorn making the switch from 2 wheels to 4. I bought an iKart with an IAME motor in it. I need some bits, but have not been successful in contacting iKart. Specifically, I am looking for a seat bracket that snapped, and some miscellaneous fasteners. The exhaust mount also needs attention. Any suggestions on where to find these bits is appreciated.


You might check with Comet Kart Sales, John Martin who was the moving force behind iKart died suddenly at the age of 39.

It was pretty recently too. Not sure what the future of iKart is.

I suspect due to his passing (end of July) that you’ll be reliant on what spares are left at dealers. Fortunately the dealers list are still on ikarts website.


I spoke with Comet. Mike was really helpful, but was unable to help with the seat bracket. Seems there will be some specialty welding in my future…

One of my coworkers was very close with John, he said there are plans to keep iKart going and there will be more karts being made if everything goes to plan. I’m assuming right now is just figuring out all the stuff that needs to be done to get things going again

Curious to know what the medical issue was? iKart chassis looked like a well thought out design.