I'm looking at a 1999 Tony kart with 100cc engine for 1000

I’m looking at a 1999 tony kart to get into racing. It has a 100cc 4 cycle engine on it. I’m looking to just have fun, but compete locally. It runs, but I’m wondering how long the engines last? They are asking 1,000. What should I look out for on it?

First question I have is, Is there a class locally you can run it with that engine?

Is it a four-cycle or a two-cycle engine? A foul-stroke will have a valve cover on top of the engine and an oil sump. A two-cycle will have an exhaust port right to the pipe that you can see the piston through.

I’d post a picture or two.

The biggest thing to check on an old kart is the brakes - if they don’t work they’ll drive you right up the wall and cost more than the difference between an old kart and a late-model secondhand one to fix

Depending on condition this could be a fair deal. Even if its in good condition its not a steal. The 100cc sounds like a 2 cycle as a 100cc 4 cycle would be fairly small on displacement. Do you have any pictures?

100cc four stroke is between bambino (48) and cadet (160)

Shoot some piccies across we’ll soon tell you. I reckon it’s gotta be a 2 stroke on it