IMAF H7 information

Plugging this question here because nowhere else looked suitable!

Has anyone experienced the IMAF H7 seat? Considering it as an alternative to a Jecko D-size seat to save a few bucks.

Have always felt like I’m either falling out of OTK seats or they’re grinding my hip bones to dust.

Racing X30 restricted and 2019 OTK. Am 178cm (5’10) and 75kg (165lb).

After impressions on quality, comfort, stiffness etc.


I had it on my otk, didn’t like it at all. Very soft

The seating position is very upright and robs tons of space. I’d go with a deeper tillett seat

Thanks, Lucas. So you’re saying the unique seating position of the H7 (influenced by its upright back angle) is what robs space; is this using more space than a similar Jecko?

What version of the Tillett is deeper set?

Is it the thigh support that robs space in my opinion, the H7 have exact same dimensions as the jecko have :+1:t2:

The Tillett T11 his pretty deep, you also have the Greyhound Max Lock which is a hybrid seat that falls in between H7 and T11😁

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