Impact driver: what power range for working on karts?

Thread title says it. Stumbled upon a decent deal on a Kobalt 24V, 1/2" drive, variable speed, just not sure whether or not it’s too much for kart work. The variable speed has me wondering if if might be adaptable. The 1/4" drive variant is also an option, & might possibly be more appropriate for the application.

What say y’all?

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I’d say 1/4 or 3/8
1/2 seems overkill.

Variable speed may help.

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I mainly see the 1/4 use on karts. Smaller is better if it lets you get into spots.

I have used them a little on karts. I a bit ‘meh’ about them.

I wouldn’t buy one if it meant not have other tools first. If you are lacking any other basic tools I’d put that as a priority over the impact. It seem like you have been around a good while though.

I don’t use one. I just use hand tools. I had taken a likening to speeders well before battery tools became available. The main problems I see with impacts are:
1 - a lack of feel when starting a fastener, which brings about cross threading, but can be mitigated with common sense.
2 - frying the locking mechanism on nylocks. - the wear eventually with use any way
3 - over tightening - still happens with hand tools if you aren’t ‘woke’ to it - count the ugga duggas with an impact or better yet use the torque clutch.
4 - another battery to worry about.

I also don’t have to pull tires off for impounding or have a fleet to worry about at once like some guys do. Most use I see is removing wheels from hub. Most problems I see are with wheel studs. I have never lost a wheel on a kart I worked on & don’t have cross threaded or pulled/backing out wheel studs. Arguably that can be accomplished with an impact as well.

some hand tools

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Agreed. I do have plenty of hand tools. The motivator for this is an enclosed trailer I’m working on, installing 7 ply board on the interior walls. I need sufficient torque to drive self-tapping screws through the wood & the steel frame hard points in the trailer walls. My Makita drill won’t cut it, so I need an impact driver, & might as well get something that will be useful on the karts to get the most use for the money. 1/4" drive will probably work for both applications.

I’d say so.
At times I worked demo & salvage on the side. What will reduce torque needed & extend the battery life is this. On removal - Break fasteners loose manually and then use the driver for it’s speed if you have a bunch to do. Fastening self tappers - a small pilot hole helps a ton. Using the existing drill will make it easier in terms of drain on the impact and even precision.

Eh? Wrong thread, perhaps?

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