IMPACT Guns which one?

IMPACT Guns which one?.

All of my tools are the Makita power tools. Strong, very durable and the 18v lithium ion battery lasts

What are you planning to use it for? For most things I really like the SnapOn CT761. Use it all the time on the karts, in a pinch it will pull lug nuts off the truck (no, really!). Not cheap, but a great tool.

I see a lot of good things about the Milwaukee brand small impacts, I assume we are talking electric here. I have low profile ingersol rand battery impact that has served me well, though the newer designs from any of the manufacturers are compact and powerful

If you already have some cordless tools, the obvious choice is to go with that brand so you don’t have to have yet another battery system and charger laying about.

If this is your first foray into that realm, the top brands are: Milwaukee, Dewalt, and Snap-On. Any of those will leave you pleased with their abilities. However, If you plan on adding other cordless tools to your stable, I suggest avoiding the Snap-On setup as they don’t make a lot of homeowner-type tools - their focus is the professional mechanic.

I have the Dewalt DCF880B, and have beat it up pretty hard for the past four years and it’s about perfect for almost everything on a kart - strong enough to snap an M6 fastener if you’re not careful, but not so strong that it just snaps them off as soon as it gets tight.

I also like the Dewalt line due to the fact that basically all of them for the past 5+ years use the same battery system, you can even run their new 60V flexvolt batteries on their smaller 20v stuff.

Bought a $80 Bostitch from Walmart works fine.

Those are ok. I’ll be curious to see how it works long-term - they’re essentially a rebadged lower-end Dewalt impact with their older (brushed-motor) technology. I would still put them ahead of the Black and Decker version. For what it’s worth, you can use the Dewalt 20V max batteries on there.

Impacts can be pretty harsh, but I have two battery powered drills with adjustable torque. The type that ratchets when the set torque is reached. I’ve always wanted to “calibrate” (Using the term loosely here) the numbers on the chuck, say by thread size… For example

Number 5 Setting = M4
Number 9 setting = M5
Number 12 setting = M6
Number18 setting = M8

The only downside to a drill vs impact is if you don’t line the wheel up properly with the hub, or it’s dirty and doesn’t seat quite right you can reach the desired torque setting and still end up with wheel departure. Granted, you should catch something like that, but :poop: happens

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The problem there is that cordless drills use clutches which will be different depending on temp, age, etc.; those clutches will also wear out in time and with certain use cases.

you can use a hand wrench and still get the wheel crooked on the hub. that just requires paying attention.