Impact wrench for rim nuts

Do any of you guys use a impact wrench to get the rims off n on??? Was thinking of getting one but worried about the nuts coming lose. If so what impact wrench should i buy??? I just bought my first kart still haven’t gone to track. I’m getting everything together tools kart stand n tools etc etc

A 1/4 drive variable speed/power impact wrench will have plenty of torque for the application. If used to mount them, be careful not to over torque fasteners &/or crack the wheels. Check with a hand wrench until you’ve found the right setting that works reliably.

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A battery operated impact is a valuable tool for karting. However, you can cause a lot of damage too. I suggest always starting a thread by hand, especially wheel nuts. An impact wrench or hand operated ratchet will both create more than enough torque to tighten or really over tighten nuts and bolts. If you are using the locking type wheel nuts they will not loosen. If you are using non locking nuts they more than likely will not loosen, but should be checked like most fasteners should be checked on a regular basis. Thing will loosen on a kart that will surprise you, hence the reason many fasteners have a whole or slot for a safety clip of some sort.

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It’s so easy to mess up the thread on the bolts for the wheels. And, you are frequently in a rush, trying to get to grid when changing wheels. If you use one, be careful.

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It’s also easy to strip the stud out of the hub, I don’t use them. It’s 3 nuts on each wheel! If I did invest in one of those I’d only use it for removal.

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I use my impact all the time and it’s a big time saver when you are in a rush to get a tire change done or a gear change in between rounds.

I actually use my 1/2 inch M18 Milwaukee which is complete overkill for anything Karting. Like any other tool if you use it with caution it can be your friend. If your the type to run bolts down at full speed and hammer them home at full torque you are going to do damage to things.

For Karting any of the 1/4 or 3/8 impacts will be more than adequate for your needs.

I use the 12 V Milwaukee impact, it is just right for wheel lug nuts. I’ve never had any problem with lug nuts in the 10 years using 12V impact. The larger impacts will over torque the wheel lugs and studs. The disadvantage is if someone helps you with their 18V impact, you’ll have to loosen manually with a wrench.

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I also use a Milwaukee M12 3/8” impact and think it’s a good size/power for karting. I use mine for wheel nuts carefully, but it also has enough power to take off a clutch nut or similar and is small enough to fit in tight spaces (between motor and side pod).

You can also check out the Milwaukee electric ratchets. Less speed, but also more control on the power and versatility. I keep both in my toolbox.

Electric ratchet is a great tool. I need to get one. We like to call it “the toothbrush”.

I call mine the magic wand :joy:

I use a Dewalt 20 volt, but with caution. Typically in conjunction with a 1/4 drive socket and extension. You cannot simply yank the trigger until it stops moving. You have to finesse the trigger. Always start your threads by hand first. Run the nut up slowly, then a quick pulse or two to tighten it. That’s it.

If you are using the brass locking style nuts or aluminum nuts, inspect the hexes regularly. I had one that was a little worn and got stuck on the wheel. Had to use a chisel and hammer to turn it loose. Not impossible, but very time consuming. Easier to keep a bunch of spares and just replace them regularly as needed.

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