In Memoriam - RIP Al Nunley

Saddens me to share that a forum member and lifelong karter Alvin Nunley passed away on June 29th.

From the Rod Van Deusen Motorsports Facebook page

Sad news, I was just informed by Tab Bell that @alvinnunley passed away on the 29th of June 2021. He was 82 years old and was residing at an assisted living community in Texas near his sister. The nurse who discovered him said he was in his chair leaning over the keyboard at his computer working on his karting spreadsheet.

Al was passionate about karting and always ate, talked, and slept karting, sharing the knowledge he had gained over the last 62 years with anyone who was intelligent enough the listen. He was an innovator and produced many pipes and products that helped produce National Champions.

Many will remember Al’s tagline on the forums “If the data doesn’t support the theory, get a new theory”

God Speed Al and rest in peace

Some pics of Al in action that Rod shared:



Oh wow.

I think many of us have traded data and theories (and verbally sparred) with Al over many years, back to the EKN forums. He could be a prickly guy but it was obvious he had a passion for the sport that was unrivaled. Very knowledgable and always eager to share his theories and data with anyone. I hope when I get to be that age, I am also still that passionate about karting.

Rest in peace Al.


Thankfully a lot of his knowledge and passion is forever displayed on these pages. I can remember going a round or two with him myself. Still, loads of respect for the guy. Rest in Peace and may your heaven be filled with 2-strokes!!


RIP, I enjoyed the few times I talked to him through here or other digital media.


I’ve always enjoyed debating and conversing with Al.


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Rest in Peace, Al. I will miss you round here.

When I started in Karts 5 years ago Al was a source of information and shared his knowledge of Yamaha’s on Bob’s 4cycle forum. When I joined in here I was glad to see his name and his knowledgable points of view, even if it sometimes ruffled feathers. I have no doubt he had 2 stroke oil in his veins.

Rest in peace and Godspeed Al!

Sad news, hope someone is able to pass on condolences to his family from the Kartpulse fraternity. RIP Al

Wow. Just wow. I hate the way life sneaks up on you & snaps you with a sharp dose of ugly reality.

Godspeed, Mr. Nunley. At least I was fortunate to converse with you, if only online.

Rest In Peace Al. You will be missed.

Godspeed and rest in peace Al. It was a pleasure being able to talk to you the few times I did

In my short time here so far, Al has provided me with good advice and well wishes.

Rest In Peace Al.

Man, very sad news. I wish I could have met Al in person, though it was certainly a privilege to have him as a contributor to various forums over the years.

He’ll continue living here on the many forums he frequented. I can see him speaking to anyone who types in a karting question into Google; and then his threads will appear and his voice continues to be heard.

Rest In Peace Al, his passion for karting was evident, as he’s graced nearly every karting forum with his presence and vast knowledge of karting. Condolences to his family and friends

Sad news. I remember Al from years ago. We all have to go some day, and Al got to go doing what he loved. We all should be so fortunate.

Certainly sad news, he always gave us the way it was done in the old days which is quite cool to read.

Godspeed Al!

He was the first one that answered my newby questions. Always helpful, sometimes pushy, but always willing to help.
He will be missed.

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