In Orlando on biz.... any thoughts on where to rent a proper kart for a couple of hours?

I’m in Orlando for a couple days on biz. If possible, I could theoretically sneak out to do some, ahem, very important “testing” of Floridian friction coefficients and the like.
Any idea of a place that would be able to rent proper karts for a couple hours of important research?

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Spent the day at Orlando Kart Center. Pretty nice track. They have what they claim are 13 hp Honda 4 stroke, and the tires were pretty decent too. Le cont reds up front and what appeared to be a similar Bridgestone compound in back.
I think these karts are what they use for their arrive and drive race series, as opposed to the terminally pokey normal rental karts.
Anyways, had the place to myself mostly and the staff were great and basically let me drive as much as I could handle.
10/10 would recommend!