Inaugural Norberg Pro-Kart Invitational Set for SKUSA WinterNationals Warm-up Weekend

Seems like an interesting concept. I’m surprised that legally they are allowed to have 13 year olds race against 15+, but maybe that’s just an issue at some tracks/in some states. I could see this having some showmanship material and potentially bring some attention to karting, hopefully in a good way.


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Aside from age, thoughts on the event format itself? The $20,000 purse?

You’re gonna need entries to make this work. Casting a wide net is the only option right now.

Based on our current structure in the US, a race like this including 13yo’s isn’t a big deal to me. I’m of the opinion that money races, and “pro” races in general should showcase the best talent. From a legal standpoint, 13yo, 15yo, and 16yo are all the same here (I’m no legalologist tho :laughing:), so I think it should be a judgement call for the series/promoter.

This is where having some sort of licensing system sure would be nice, in order to have a quantitative system for who makes the cut to move up, and who doesn’t.


Two questions I have:

  1. “Invitational” implies control over the entry list. I wonder if it will actually take some qualifications to get in. Will I get an invite? :slight_smile:
  2. Will Norberg be racing himself? I doubt it, but would be fun to see. Maybe a bounty to anyone who can beat him?

Would be fun to have Norberg start at the tail, and if he wins he keeps the entire purse.